Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Diary of a Financial Melt Down

8:30 a.m.

It is the 17th day since the Financial Crisis turned my pristine world into a post apocalyptic nightmare. Already I have seen the JPEG (Jobless People Eating Garbage) population swell from one or two former executives holding “Will Work 4 Latte” signs into bleary-eyed hordes roaming the street. Nobody is safe anymore. This morning I saw a gang JPEGs jump a college student after a rumor circulated that the student had found an internship. This is Hell!

The market spiked yesterday. This gave many of my friends a crumb of hope which they held onto as if it were life itself. I do not begrudge them this misconception. They need hope as badly as they need dividends. But they are wrong. What they felt is the same deceiving emotional up-tick a former lover feels when an ex hooks up with him for a fling. The markets just needed a quick lay with some profits. Today it will be back in it’s free fall.

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