Monday, April 28, 2008

Waiting for Peace - Some thoughts about Sunday

There’s something almost religious about standing on the Casco Bay Bridge on a rainy Sunday afternoon. There were six of us this week – R., L., and myself as well as a few people further down. We stood in the drizzle from noon to one, holding our sign or flag, making peace signs with chilled fingers, and laughing as yet another person drove by and gave us the finger.

I know these actions won’t end the war in Iraq. Call it cynical, but my sign says “Stop This War” so I don’t need to paint a new sign after we invade Iran. So, as I march out to the bridge on Sunday I ask myself, “Why?”

R. argues that going out sparks discussion. Whether or not people support the war, making ourselves visible puts the war in the forefront of their mind at least for the 45 seconds it takes them to drive the bridge. He may be on to something there.

Like I said though, it’s almost religious for me; religious as in a “religious practice.” I’m going out with no chance of personal gain and standing there in meditation for an hour. Maybe we would have more peace in the world if the monotheists who are fighting right now focused more on the practice part of their creed rather than the religious part of it.

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