Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hispanics Target of Incitement and Violence

Well, I guess its time to sell the Statue of Liberty back to France. It seems that this country has forgotten that its economic growth is owed to early massive influxes of illegal immigrants (starting with the Mayflower, of course).

The ADL just published an article recapping the hostile actions of white supremacists over the recent past. It’s definitely worth reading. Check out the article Extremists Declare 'Open Season' on Immigrants: Hispanics Target of Incitement and Violence here.

While there’s a lot Id like to say about this issue like how my family comes from an illegal French stock that was chased out of Quebec by the British I wont right now. Instead, here’s the list provided by the ADL (cut-n-pasted). If I get time, Ill add some comments made by extremist leaders in Maine (yes, we’ve got them too).

Here's the list:

* Aryan Nations faction leader August Kreis in October 2005 claimed on his Web site that "this infestation of cockroaches need deportation or extermination!" If legal means of "stopping this rising tide" were not enough, "then these brown squat monsters should begin to turn up dead all across AmerikaWe now have another game animal to add to our list of available targets for our favorite pastime, hunting, and we'll declare permanent OPEN SEASON on these dirty wetbacks! From what I have heard through the grapevine the Skinheads and Klans across the country are more than prepared for this type of action. I say let's play by state and see which state can claim the most kills and let the jewsmedia whores keep score!"
* Oregon National Socialist Movement leader Jim Ramm wrote in June 2005 that "the browner invasion is much like a cancerous tumor that should of [sic] been removed. But instead, it was allowed to grow and infect other organsas this brown disease rages out of control the white patient faces racial death."
* Kevin Strom, leader of the neo-Nazi National Vanguard, gave a shortwave radio broadcast in June 2005 in which he claimed that "These Mestizo invaders are so different from us that by mixing with them or being dispossessed by them we will cease to live, we will cease to be ourselves or have a place to exist to support the lives of our future generations. And that is the crucial reason why this invasion must be stopped."
* "AllisioRex," a member of the neo-Nazi web forum Stormfront, wrote in July 2005 that "they are barbarians, they are our enemies, they want to destroy our civilization and we have to fight them. We need to organize better and be more open activists; otherwise, I only see race war in the future." Another Stormfronter, "Strasser," wrote in November 2005 that "White minorityhood on a national level is a very real possibility. How can White folk tolerate this? Do they care that most minority populations become a cultural hostage? What is the interest in having their children a minority on a mestizo dominated campus? Mestizo immigration is going to force White America to make some very important decisions."

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