Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Go figure... Kentucky

As surprising as it may be, a college in Kentucky has kicked out a student because he is gay. If you haven’t heard about this yet, click here to read the article.

In brief, the college’s argument is that the student was kicked out because he violated a conduct code that insisted students "conduct themselves, on and off the campus, in a manner which is consistent with the objectives of the College and with its standards of conduct."

I’m curious what percentage of students who have drank alcohol or danced or masturbated have been expelled? The hypocrisy is so blatant I’m having trouble expressing these feelings of rage and general impotence about not being able to say anything that people will hear!

What about the college administrators who have missed Jesus’ message of compassion? Last time I checked Jesus was hanging out with hookers (Mary Magdalene) and rather than condemning her, he said “Go, sin no more.” The Bible never says that she stopped and it’s hard to imagine that she did stop prostituting herself – she had to earn a living and Jesus provided her with compassion, but not a subsidy. But, what difference does this make? I’m just preaching to the choir.

Is it ironic that I’m becoming an atheist preacher?

Why the deaf ears? Do we, as human beings, really need to be so scared at whatever doesn’t fit into a specific paradigm of normal?

I generally try to make it a point not to be disgusted with people simply because of their religion - particularly when there are so many other reasons to be disgusted. But, with Easter coming and this rising tides of Christian-entitlement and Islamic-fundamentalism, it is time we take a stand. And by we, I mean every single one of us who looks in the papers and are disgusted by the way superstitions are trying to control what is taught in the class room; those of us who don’t want these same superstitions to dictate what scientist can explore and how we live our lives; I mean those of us who are sick and tired the minority of religious fanatics dictating our foreign policy.

Of course, this raises the question of what can we do? Last time I checked, throwing people to the lions was out of fashion, not to mention cliché. I suggest writing letters, but who has the time or the drive?

Here’s an idea: Even though this day in age it is politically incorrect to criticize somebody’s religion (even though it’s p.c. to try to convert someone to yours if it’s Christianity), I say tell them what you really think about their religion, that you’re tired of the oppression. Let’s start raising our voices!

In the words of Howard Beale “I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!”

Damn straight!

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emily said...

Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute, those were two completely different women. Common misconception, though, even among Christians.

Anyway, expelling that student was stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. You're right, the hypocrisy is both blatant and apalling.

My beliefs are rarely represented by the vocal Christian majority, TV preachers, activists, or the "Religious Right". I'm an Orthodox Christian. I don't mind people who tell me what they think about my faith, so long as they're well informed.