Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Money makes the world go round...

As well as making wine, there’s another experiment I’ve embarked on: the market. This is the “games” part of “Minotaur Wine & Games.” My entire investment philosophy is based completely on the idea of treating the stock market as a game that even some one with as little capital as I have can play in.

Now, I know that with the amount of money I’m playing with, I can’t expect any big payoffs. I think I’m doing pretty well to have made back what I’ve spent on commissions – with one major exception that I’ll talk about in December. But I’d like to know what you think about what I’ve misnamed as the “Minotaur Funds – a Very Tiny Hedge Fund.” My goal with posting updates on this investment experiment is not to give advice (read: do not listen to me for advice) rather I want to start a discussion about the small time investor and the responsibilities s/he has to the market and the market has to him/her. And if I can make a bit of bread off this experiment so much the better.

The pie chart in the corner represents the break down of my investments, I’ll be putting a more detailed one up eventually with percentages and details about shares up but right now I’m looking at making some major changes to my minor holdings.

It's time to sign off now this morning. Let me know what you think about this investment discussion idea and what topics should be discussed.

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