Sunday, September 04, 2005


The carboy, yeast, pectin and etc., all are now sitting on the kitchen counter, still in their boxes and bags. I have bottles in various stages of undress and sanitization. This usurping of the kitchen is only temporary, a full scale assault on the basement is already planned and underway.

One of the bottle labels, the house table wine, floats in the sink. I know exactly what I have spent on this endeavor, and I know what the house wine costs. I cannot resist the simple math. If I make a full load with every batch, 30 bottles, I will be paying a bit more than two-thirds of the bottle price for the house wine cost. But making the half batch I’ve planned on…

Even the basement is warm in this weather. The dust mixes with the humidity; a free floating mud. This will all settle, the basement to the left of the stairs, back to the furnace is now mine.

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